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CD 63. “Jim Knodle & Anansi - Wending” (Nine Winds)
Ledenprijs 10,00 €


WENDING’s high point occurs with its second and shortest track “No Before Like More”. A spare, low-key composition that Knodle says “is about going to sleep in Iowa and hearing train whistles from 20 miles away” it captures perfectly the idea of a Prairie existence and its miles of flatland. Built around a highly articulated, almost legit sounding trumpet line, it includes straight ahead quasi country music-like harmonies from guitarist Paul Sawyer, some plunger color from trombonist Michael Vlatkovich and well-thought out piano asides from Lynette Westendorf." Ken Waxman
Jim Knodle trompet
Michael Vlatkovich trombone
Paul Sawyer gitaar
Lynette Westendorf piano                  
Dan O’Brien bas Don Berman drums